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Too bad Clinton didnt pull the trigger when he had the chance. Probably busy with an intern or getting chinese money
There actually looking for the terrorists?
I will come right over, I got a few food stamp cards, we can go to the bar and strip club later.
SOooooo, the supposed 4 million "jobs saved" and 4 million created by Obozo is now a BAD thing?
I think future politicians should have to pass a lie detector test, swearing allegiance to the country and actually meaning to represent the people.
BULL SHIITE, only a hardend low info voter could believe.
Offcourse, one of the few people who could help the economy, was touted as giving old ladies cancer and killing people, along with moving jobs out of the country. Romney could have helped.
Possibly, but all the MD's that are retiring or just plain quitting cannot be replaced that fast.
The collective mind set sees this as minor bumps in the road. Individual deaths or disasters are ignored cause "you gotta break a few eggs to make an omlet"
I think focusing on their atrocities is negative and is making them feel bad. We should not judge our future citizens like that.
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