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"#2 You honestly believe that people would rather live at or just below the poverty level on government assistance than find a good paying job to support their families?" Well, YES. The system encourages this mentality. I have two friends who run local factories, and they have countless numbers of job applicants tell them it's better financially to stay on the government dole. A female job applicant recently told my friend that his salary offer was too high! If she took the job, she would make "too much" and would lose things like food stamps, Medicaid and government-paid daycare for her kids. She declined the good-paying job and kept her part-time job at a convenience store so she wouldn't lose all of her government freebies. Sorry, but welfare is indeed a nice little picnic for many people. It is teaching people that "work" is a dirty word. Our daughter is friends with a girl whose dad is a minister. He's also a farmer, and he recently gave away free potatoes to needy people in the area. Once word got around, hoards of local welfare people showed up for the free food. He said he was shocked that very few of them offered even a simple "thank you." A few weeks later, he decided to do it again with one little change - the people had to do a little work and dig up their own potatoes. He even supplied tools and gloves. Most of the same welfare crowd showed up, but not a single one of them wanted any potatoes now. He gave away NO potatoes that day. He had numerous people express anger over the fact that they were expected to "get their hands dirty."
See what happens when you put your finger in a light socket?
If the people in this poll are anything like my college students, the vast majority also can't identify the current Speaker, can't provide the name and party of their own member of Congress, can't name either Senator from their state (and can't even tell you that each state has two senators), don't recognize a picture of the Vice-President, and can't tell you which party controls the House and Senate. I ask my students about these topics every semester, and I've stopped being shocked at how little they know. However, when I ask them if they voted in the last presidential election, the majority of hands go up. (By the way, I teach mostly upper-level classes for juniors and seniors.)
Why can't these nice criminals just obey the signs?
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50% Tax Rates Are Here

RMan3 Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 3:43 PM
And yet this couple is drawing a line that they will follow to a red state like South Carolina, and they will more than likely bring their stupid liberal voting habits with them.
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5 Disasters Yet To Come With Obamacare

RMan3 Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 3:21 PM
Strangely, she wasn't. However, she did get approval for a vasectomy.
At our public school, kids in high school English classes are allowed "retakes" on all assignments. Guess what? Many kids don't try to do a good job the first time because they know they'll be given a Mulligan... and it gives the teacher a chance to inflate those grades to keep the principal happy. In math classes, notices were sent home at the start of the school year that said, "Homework will be graded on completeness, not correctness." So, don't try TOO hard to get things right - just put down any old answers and get a smiley-face sticker for a good effort. I guess this explains the 8th-grade graduation ceremony last year where the reading of the "honor roll" took forever. A good 60% of the kids were called up on stage.
Don't stop there. The show should also feature homosexual and transgender trains. Two of the homosexual trains should get married and adopt an orphan train. One of the male trains could get a "gender reassignment" and become a female train. There should be a variety of trains representing various races and nationalities as well. Then again, just get rid of these stinkin' trains because they are all contributing to climate change.
In other words, why bother to come to the U.S. legally...
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