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Americans Turn Out in Droves to Support Chick-Fil-A

RMan3 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 5:25 PM
Bigot, def: "a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race." I work at a university, and the angriest, most bitter people I meet are liberals. I call them "Christophobes." I've heard so many hateful things about Christians from these "tolerant" and "open-minded" liberals. There's one who has a bumper sticker "So many Christians, so few lions." How about the one who told me a crude sexual joke about Jesus and Mary? How about two lesbians who got up at a faculty party dressed as a priest and nun and did a vulgar skit about Catholics and sex? I've had enough of your liberal "love" and "tolerance," thank you.
Americans have turned out all over the country today to stand in support of Chick-Fil-A. A minor controversy broke out weeks ago when the chicken fast-food chain's CEO, Dan Cathy, made public comments to a reporter about his financial donations to pro-family groups.

In response, liberal lawmakers around the country expressed outrage. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino declared that Chick-Fil-A wasn't welcome in his town, and both Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a local Chicago Alderman said they'd work to block any proposed restaurants being built in their jurisdiction despite the obvious violation of the First Amendment that implies.