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Joe Biden Shakes Those Chains

rlittle Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 2:32 PM
Palin is a patriotic lover of country AND ditsy,however she unlike joe the buffoon is NOT one step away from the presidency,should Oweblamer be incapacitated...careful what you ask for-do you REALLY want joe the moron in charge of this country??? Oweblamer is bad enough.

We thought Joe Biden couldn't top--or bottom--the appalling gaffe of calling a 2010 White House bill signing ceremony "a big f___ing deal." But he just did it. In Danville, Virginia this week, Biden told a largely black audience the Republicans were going to "put y'all in chains." Now, of course, his staff is backpedaling furiously. He meant the banks. He was talking about banking de-regulation, they bleat frantically. Sure he was.

If any conservative, any Republican had made such a statement, he'd have been fired. Agriculture Sec. Fred Butz was fired in 1976 within hours of telling a dirty joke...