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The Scouts Versus the Ugly Moods of 2013

RLB-In-Texas Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 8:45 PM
As a Scout who obtained the Star rank many years ago and spent 15+ years as an adult Scout leader, I want to chime in on this. The current situation really has nothing to do with discrimination against homosexuals. But, it has everything to do with integrity and adhering to the principles of your organization. As quoted in the article, when a Scout recites the oath, he pledges to do his duty to God and to obey the Scout Law, which means to be reverant. While Scouting does not mandate that any Scout adhere to Christian principles, I'm not aware of any western religions (and only a couple of eastern relgions) that doctrinally condone homosexuality. Ergo - a Scout cannot do his duty to God and simultaneously condone homosexuality.
RLB-In-Texas Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 8:49 PM
Apparently, now Scouting is being forced to choose between God and a slow glide into extinction. Even in the face of extinction, I hope the organization demonstrates the level of integrity we've tried to instill in our young men and opts for God and principles over political correctness and economic expedience. Perhaps this is a hill worthy of BSA dying on.

The Boy Scouts of America got front-page ink, as we say in the newspaper trade, for their currently postponed meditations on the topic of admitting avowed gays to membership.

Word had leaked out that the Scouts were considering a local option solution to the vexed question of their supposed right to determine who can become a member and who can't. At a top-drawer meeting in Irving, Tex., the topic proved too vast and complex for immediate resolution. Consultation and deliberation will take place prior to May meeting of Scouts' national council.

I spoke of the Scouts' "supposed" right to oversee their...