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I'm a little confused. How do you square this: "The story certainly leaves room for skepticism. For example, if the event occurred the week of March 10, why wait until March 25 to post the video and even later to contact the school?" With the following response from the principal: "Mr. Perez, I received your email and your voice message this morning. I have spoken to each adult who was in the lunchroom at the time that your daughter had lunch yesterday. None of them recall having this conversation with your daughter." The writer indicates that the school wasn't contacted for over two weeks, yet the quote from the principal indicates that the school was contacted the next day. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
According to Harry Reid, Larry Basich doesn't exist and neither do these types of problems.
Opps - they want to address.
"This is a real-world, grown-up approach to a real crisis that we have," said Bush . . . Bush ascribed the opposition to Common Core to what he called "myths" about the standards being part of a federal takeover of local classrooms . . . Herein lies the problem. First, if you oppose Common Core, you're not a grown up and you're not dealing with a real world crisis. Second, while a federal takeover of classrooms is not inconceivable (see, e.g., federal agents inspecting your kid's lunchboxes), much of the opposition to Common Core comes from its skewed content and the content is not a problem that want to address. This is yet another reason that conservatives should not support a Jeb Bush run for the presidency.
Bottom line, it doesn't matter whether she knew about requests from below for additional security. She is the freakin' Secretary of State and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that security for US installations in the Middle East should be beefed up around 9/11. Nobody should have needed to ask. This was something Hillary herself should have been asking about and preparing for during the summer.
"Fundamentalist Christian tyranny, exceptionalism and supremacy at USAFA." Yeah, this guy sounds like an objective observer.
This is what happens when the safety net becomes a lifestyle.
Deportation is not an option. He's an Obama voter.
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Cruz Control? Part II

RLB-In-Texas Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 11:12 AM
More solidarity within the GOP would occur if establishment Republicans halted their never-ending bashing of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is fighting two front war, one against the Democrats and the other against establishment Republicans. If the establishment Republicans would ratchet down their rhetoric and discontinue their behind the scenes efforts to neuter the Tea Party, perhaps a more cohesive strategy could result.
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Cruz Aims at His Own Side -- Again

RLB-In-Texas Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 10:43 AM
Dear Mona: You've inadvertently highlighted a BIG part of the problem. You observe - " by firing at his own side, he may be doing more damage to the Republican Party than any Democrat." When have you made a similar observation about establishment Republicans doing everything possible to demonize the Tea Party? Are the establishment Republicans and the Tea Party not on the same side? How do you rationalize continued attacks against the Tea Party by other Republicans, but when a Tea Party supported Senator bucks GPO conventional wisdom, he's worse than a Democrat. I recall a time when one unnamed [now looney tune] Senator from Arizona was considered a "maverick" for bucking the party line. I challenge you to identify anything Cruz said in his 21 hour ACA filibuster that was not correct. And by the way, the Republican leadership previously promised to fight to get some concessions in connection with the debt ceiling. I guess that assurance carried about as much weight as the Democrats' assurances that they would (i) secure the border following Reagan's amnesty or (ii) reduce spending in exchange for Bush 41's tax increase. The GOP's unwillingness to embrace the Tea Party is going to lead to a third-party whose numbers will make the Perot effort look like a joke.
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