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Obama's Algae Racket

rlarson Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 11:33 PM
Now they will be doing away with Pennies. So it will going to the Government when you don' get change back.It will be not 99cents bur will be rounded off to 5 cents.
Pond scum stinks. And so do the Obama administration's enormous, taxpayer-funded "investments" in politically connected biofuel companies. While the president embarks on a green rehabilitation tour this week to quell growing public outrage about big green boondoggles, the White House continues to cultivate a cozy algae racket.

Obama's promotion of algae as a fuel source at a campaign speech in Miami last month caught the nation's attention. But algae companies have been banking on administration support from Day One. In December 2008, when the White House announced the nomination of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the CEO of Florida-based biofuels startup Algenol, Paul...