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Good point. Win Win.
At this point who cares. The Fracking revolution has crashed any hope Captain FAIL had of getting energy prices to draconian levels so Go suck it Obama.
Sixty Eight million Americans already have "Socialized Medicine". It's called "Medicaid". Medicare is based on the SS tax you pay as an employee so it has a revenue base,Kind of. But Medicaid is a Pure Socialist system run entirely by state governments with regulations and subsidies provided by the Feds.The private sector provides the service but as indentured servants, based on the remuneration they get for those services compared to private insurance..
It's not a forcing, it's a tax on non compliance. And until the SC or the congress can change that it is what it is.Congress has the power to Tax, get used to it or get rid of the IRS.
If you never get caught it's not really cheating now is it ;)
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Saudi’s Dangerous Gambit

rknudsen Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 12:35 PM
Oil is Not fresh fruit and can be stored till a customer is ready to buy. This BS about wells going sour from neglect is absurd. turn on the straw or turn it off for a few days. Wells are good to go at anytime. Its only the speculators and stock junkies that are happy to spread the gloom and doom over fracking costs. Its in Their best interest too, not just the Saudies
I believe the proper response to the producers boils down to: "Now Pull my Other finger". Nuff Said.
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