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DNC: Republicans Doctored Emails and Are Making Up These Scandals or Something

rknoch Wrote: May 28, 2013 4:30 PM
Debbie 'Blabbermouth' Schultz, the standard-bearer for those on the Irrational-Left continues on her travel to infamy. Referring to an 'imaginary Conservative email' . . . after the Regime admitted to 12+ rewrites of the original Benghazi EMail, while changing its very meaning and content from that of a known Terrorist attack to a "video" that practically no one saw . . . leaves her maintaining the Left's Standard; i.e., the height of idiocy and irrationality. The Left used to wait, at least, until it history became history, now they rewrite history whiles its still warm.
Friday afternoon, the Democratic National Committee sent out an official email accusing Republicans of "making up so-called scandals," doctoring emails and stirring up "false rumors" about White House cover-ups.

Friend --

Getting in President Obama's way has been the top priority for Republicans in Congress since day one. But now they've gone too far.

They've been caught red-handed making up so-called 'scandals' out of thin air to stir up false rumors of vast 'cover-ups' happening in the White House.

Did they find a single shred of evidence to back up their outrageous claims? No.