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Is Russia's Vlad the Impaler initiating the Zombie Apocalypse in America? FEMA, under obama's supervision, has already provided training for this one.
For the Regime's 'Useful Idiots' this won't interrupt their normal "work day" routine, but, . . . should you watch TV BEFORE or AFTER the tornado hits your humble abode?
Clapper uses body language to signal his BIG LIES . . . wonder is he signals Little Lies?
Taxpayers are still on the hook for GM's Tax Loss Carry Forward (their reward for inept decisions and inefficient operations) which will carry them over until they declare bankruptcy again. xsnake . . . in a hot or cold climate (using heater or air conditioning) the 'Dolt' drops to the 10-20 mile range between charges. The Regime is trying to close nearly all coal fired electric plants which will make electric skyrocket in cost (as obama promised!). Between brownouts, which will blow-up battery chargers and any other electric appliance you may use . . . . . the Regime is nearing Nirvana.
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Chevy Volt Heads for Fiery Crash

rknoch Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 8:28 AM
After obama close coal-fired-plants owners should calculate the cost of electricity and rolling brownouts that will blow and/or set fire to their charger/batteries/car. The cost of battery replacement plus HazMat Costs to dispose of the old batteries is substantial. If it explodes make sure you have a HazMat Team on site as the cost for cleanup is substantial. They should also hope they never need to use it in a cold or hot climate as this cuts mileage drastically. Other than that . . . . . the price is simply outrageous for what they get . . . but its their money . . . . . well not really, as Taxpayers, with a gun to their head, have subsidized it from A to Z.
obama is simply following the cook books of Cloward & Piven and Alinsky; i.e., overload and crash the economy and they think Socialism will thrive . . . . as usual, Lefties are delusional and don't understand FREEDOM nor our ECONOMY!
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Obama’s Revolting Bankers

rknoch Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 8:29 AM
Does anyone know how many 'Virtual Dollars' Bernanke has created? The last WAG was around $20 Trillion, floating around the world inflating every economy. Bankers are unhappy, primarily, because it cuts off their FREE CASH MACHINE. What will happen when Bernanke's-Replacement-Clone doubles the current $85 Billion a month in Virtual Cash and obama continues with his Irrational-Draconian-Regulatory-Control of our Economy . . . while continuing to spend on Green Energy. Rational and Economical Green Energy works on a small scale (one house), but it won't become a replacement for our current carbon-based-Energy for another decade, or more.
More FALSE ECONOMY, adding to the FALSE ECONOMY . .shades of the old USSR! . . What won't they do next . . . hire clones, working on Mars . . . oh, forgot, they are already planning, at a cost of Millions of Dollars, the diet for future Mars travelers. Most Americans know the statistics coming from this Regime is bogus . . like in the old USSR. A step in the right direction would be to abolish the out-of-control IRS, replace it with the FAIR Tax, then train the unemployed staffers to carry pipes for the oil industry . . this would finally put their fancy footwork, learned while Line Dancing, to good use.
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Obama's Animal Barn

rknoch Wrote: Jun 21, 2013 8:59 AM
Bernanke's 'Magic-Virtual-Cash-Machine' has injected somewhere around (no one knows for sure) $20 Trillion into the world's economy since the Regime took over. This is a prime cause for high prices of nearly every consumable product; i.e., the inflation this Regime won't admit, but you see every time you go to the store. We'll see the the full effect of the 'adjustment' to the Stock Market . . . right after this Regime exits and someone else inherits the economic disaster.
Bernanke's 'Magic Virtual Cash Machine' has masked over the permanent(?) damage this Regime has wrought on our 'Real Economy'. Injecting $85 Billion a month into our economy while an already, 'un-documented' $20 Trillion, or so, has been dumped into the world economy over the past 4+ years . . . . spells bad news for everyone. American business adjusted by laying off employees in preparation from the obamacare disaster coming down the pike and the Regime countered by putting half of America on some sort of Welfare . . . . a recipe directly out of Cloward & Piven and Alinsky . When the stock market makes its adjustment ('undocumented' dollars to Real Dollars) the world's in for a shocker . . . this will (probably) happen as the Regime exits the playing field. This diabolical Regime blames G.W. for the mess, on ingress, and will be able to blame whomever is elected in 2016, on egress . . . their perfect game. Only Americans with a 'lick-of-sense' will know the Real Truth . . . kinda leaves out the Kool Aide drinking crowd?.
The 'gorilla-lurking-in-the-mist' is Bernanke's 20+ Trillion Dollars of 'Virtual Cash' floating around the world . . . concentrated in our Stock Market. When Bernanke retires to the South Seas and his 'Virtual-Cash-Machine' is slowed or shut down (it has to stop sometime?) the world will experience inflation never known before . . . . and a Bear Market that will set records, forever. Speaking of inflation . . . . food, gasoline and consumable products have already inflated around 65 to 100% since obama's first coronation . . . check your grocery bill if you don't believe what's already happening . . . the Fed's report 1-3% annual inflation, which is a joke only they can enjoy.
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