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Wonder if Liz's "high cheek bones" shrunk her brain capacity so it now only functions on "Progressive/Communist Thought Processes"?
Wars of the 20th Century, at least the wars America was involved in, were for FREEDOM . . . something Krugman and other Progressives cant' wrap their heads around, until they lose theirs - - - beginning September 11th, 2014?
The REAL unemployment rate was somewhere around 6% when obama came into office (but, the economy was heading down, rapidly) and the REAL unemployment rate, currently, is somewhere around 20%+ (if they would use real numbers). obama's Regime has strangled our economy though their Draconian Regulatory policies and his premier act (obamacare) and has added somewhere around 75 million people to 'Government Cheese Programs', while concurrently cutting the work force to little over 100 million, of which "many" are part-time and underemployed. The DOL has adjusted its forecast backwards (down) nearly every quarter, when REAL numbers are used. Generally, Large Corporations have plenty of cash but are afraid to invest it in the Regime's Economic Armageddon . . and with obamacare looming in the background. Those caught in the "Government Cheese Trap" may never be released, especially if they vote to keep the freebies rolling in . . . . until the economy ends, which seems to be this Regime's primary goal . . . . it's been continuous compound failures, Internationally and Domestically since the Regime took over.
Or, as Tattoo of Fantasy Island might say . . . . "the shoes, the shoes". I'm amazed the argument the "forced" showing of the video of the strong arm robbery for a $50 box of cigars . . . biased anyone . . . it is the literal FACT that set off the events, ending in the shooting. Probably, eventually, it will be found that the policeman didn't know about the robbery at the time of stopping the two culprits for blocking traffic . . . but, during the stop his radio announced the strong arm robbery just feet away . . . . the kid then attacked the Officer in an attempt to get his gun and get away. It's sad anyone lost their life, but it could have been the other way, if the officer had lost his gun in the event.
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Oh Goody: The IRS Fairness Brigade!

rknoch Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 8:09 AM
FAIR Tax . . . . the only logical and rational solution to eliminate 90% of the IRS and end Reporting and fear of the IRS, forever. Or Economy will instantly go into overdrive as the Corporate Tax Rate will be zero as well as individual's tax rate, zero. Only finished good are taxed as consumption, which is an individual decision, is taxed.
The Dems Great "High Cheekbones Hope" keeps losing ground with Americans. The Dems now wonder who will splat on the bottom of the abyss first; "the rodham" or "high cheekbones". Warren is attempting to "level the playing field" by putting some of the (virtual?) $7 billion dollar fine the In-Justice Department "supposedly" levied against CitiGroup. CitiGroup will just borrow at 1/2 of one percent (or less) from the Ex-Im bank and the fine will net to very little. Shouldn't CitiGroup have filed bankruptcy, instead? I normally don't reference Mother Jones, but, on occasion they make sense???
This will be a test of the veracity and independence of Mississippi's judicial system, as well as a test of the FEC, which has been silent for decades on Democrat and RINO politians "dealings", forcing to fill their days with with golf and vacations.
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Progressives and the Unnecessary Lie

rknoch Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 8:07 AM
The Mental Disorder is Compounded Marxist End-of-Life Cognitive Dissonance. The DNC is beyond Resuscitation, being so mentally ill they think America believes them.
It should be humorous to witness the length those on the Left go, in order to distance themselves from the Regime . . . . and the "Reid Crime Family".
Arne, gifted by obama's $100 Billion, cash burning a hole in his pocket, decided Socialism was the way to go and the fastest way to that goal was to continue 'dumbing' down America. Common Core ('Rotten to the Core') is designed NOT to prepare students for higher education and Race to the Top (RTTT) is designed to increase the tax burden on Americans, while taking control away from local Boards of Education and adding Draconian Controls by his Department of Mis-Education.
Is Russia's Vlad the Impaler initiating the Zombie Apocalypse in America? FEMA, under obama's supervision, has already provided training for this one.
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