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5 Ways the Middle Class Is Getting Screwed

rknoch Wrote: Feb 02, 2015 8:08 AM
Probably, one of obama's first Communist lessons learned on the knee of his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, was the American Middle Class is the driver of America's economy and the Middle Class is the reason for our Republic's Independence. Defeat it, and you defeat America. obama and President Jarrett doubled the Nation Debt in 6 years. The current national debt is around $200,000 per tax payer and Long Term Liabilities are around $1.6 Million for each American Tax Payer. Are you ready to "pay your fair share"?
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The Bribes Aren't Working

rknoch Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 8:31 AM
The Feds "Virtual Cash", if not obama's-Ebola Pandemic, the Southern Illegal Alien Invasion or simply the two dozen, plus, obama-Scandals will be the end of our Republic. Pick your ending. The estimated "Virtual Cash" distributed world-wide is in the $17-20 Trillion range, effectively doubling, tripling, or more, the worlds money supply. This, of course, is the prime reason for a great Stock Market, with the highest unemployment since the Great Depression (possibly even more?). The only bright spots in our economy is the Oil & Gas Boom, which the obama Regime has tried, "50 ways from Sunday", to impede . . . but surely will take the credit for. Only the current Regime is incompetent enough to think this is Okey-Dokey. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_supply#Money_supplies_around_the_world
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The Ferguson Insurgency

rknoch Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 8:03 AM
When will Ferguson Rioters realize they are responsible for electing the people who will hire the people they want . . . Ferguson is 65%+ Black so they control the vote, IF THEY WOULD VOTE. .http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2014/08/15/how-ferguson-exposes-the-racial-bias-in-local-elections/ When will the Ferguson Rioters realize that both shootings were undoubtedly righteous as both, as we know the FACTS, were police officers defending themselves. Probably NEVER . . . as much of the Rioters Leadership is from out of town and the local participants simply are looking for another cut of "Government Cheese". How would Al and Jesse, with the assistance of this Regime, make a living if not by stirring the Pot?
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QE3 Ends the Same Way Other QEs Did

rknoch Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 8:00 AM
obama's plan for QE4 is not to have the Fed Chair trip over a keyboard and create billions of dollars of virtual cash . . . his plan is for the Fed Chairperson to simply lay her head on a keyboard, think about a number, and create more Virtual Cash. Simply Genius . . . Communist Genius, that is!
Mike . . when Trillions of dollars of the Feds "Virtual Cash" is factored into the analysis , doesn't this make any analysis questionable . . . "Virtual Cash" = bogus numbers . . . the Regimes 'Fountain-Head' of data.
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You Can't Teach Liberals Anything

rknoch Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 12:43 PM
Things will only get worse with "Rotten-to-the-Core". This is the Feds idea of how to turn the few remaining "government schools" that actually teach rudimentary skills, into training academy's for Leftist, Progressive and Democrat Zombie thought and actions.
obama's Zombies, hanging o his every word, only watch, read or listen to media that's in obama's pocket. Outright lies and continuous subterfuge. Even a cursory understanding, by them, like 1 + 2 = 3, would prove to them that what he says, most all the time, is simply a LIE. Many think they have medical coverage, until they go to the few doctors who will work under obamacare's Draconian restrictions. Then, if they do get a "cure" the deductibles should wake them up . . . ever so late. For others who pay (no subsidies) for obamacare coverage, the amount they pay has, at times, doubled (or more), deductibles have increased, their doctor is often unavailable and they, also will realize the disaster of obamacare . . . once again, too late to recover. Communists have operated in this manner for over a century. In Russia, the cure was Vodka!
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NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

rknoch Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 8:12 AM
The "professor" should do a little research before writing such an article; i.e., which is most important and pressing? 1) dealing with Terrorists who want to behead people like the "professor"? 2) dealing with what has been called a. Global Cooling b. Global Warming, aka algore's Money Machine c. Climate Change, aka algores's Money Machine d. Now its called Climate Disruption in many circles e. the Weather, which has been changing for millions of years Those cavemen, driving SUV's a million years ago, surely are the root cause?
The headline proves just how out-of-touch many folks inside the Inner Belt are. Holder has so many currently active scandals surrounding him that anyone would be crazy to hire him, unless they want to be associated with the scandals; i.e., Mark Rich, Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Terrorists (non-citizens) on trial in America, New Black Panthers Voter Suppression, stirring the pot in Ferguson and there are surely many others we don't know about. Unfortunately, for the citizens of this Republic, our neutered Senate will probably "hire" him as the Leftist replacement for the furthest Left Justice ever to hold a seat on the Supreme Court. Ginsberg is so far Left she used to slide off the Bench but now is firmly anchored with a seat belt (rumored?). He, like obama, always play the Race Card when it benefits them, which is most of the time.
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What If Chevy Volts Were Mortgages?

rknoch Wrote: Sep 07, 2014 8:47 AM
The obama Regime has failed at everything it has attempted, both Domestically and Internationally . . . . or is it their plan? Internationally, "the rodham" and obama ignited North Africa, poured gasoline on the Middle East, birthed ISIS/ISIL through compound ignorance, generally screwing up everything they touched. Domestically, obama has accomplished the longest and worst Recession since the Real Depression . . . with 90+ million Americans out of work or underemployed and now wants to add another 10 million illegal immigrants to the workforce . . . the Regime's ignorance is unbridled. obama's only excuse is to blame G.W. for defending the USA and keeping Terrorist Atrocities to a minimum. America does not deserve the compound incompetence of this Regime.
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