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Celebrate Earth Day by Expanding Our Carbon Footprint

rknoch Wrote: Apr 20, 2013 6:11 PM
After the first Earth Day (if I remember correctly) in NYC Central Park (1970?) the "Leftie-Hippie-Yuppie-Greenie" participants left several tons of trash on the grounds, for others to pick up. (The web seems to have been well-cleansed of this FACTS) An Truely-Left-American beginning for a holiday to celebrate the Preservation of our Earth. Even in the "dark ages" of 1970's, America was being fooled by Eco-Fools who ride around in gas guzzling cars but tell everyone they are conservationists. Simple outright fraud?

Every year I celebrate Earth Day with tips and ideas on how readers can expand their carbon footprint.  Below you’ll find the newest, top ten ways I recommend to expand your carbon footprint on May 22nd, 2013 Anno Domini.

10) Take unnecessary trips in your electric car.

Run that battery down to nothing. Electric cars need fuel and that fuel comes from power plants run mostly on coal. There’s no quicker way to expand your carbon footprint than using that “green” car and powering it up nightly.

9) Use a Metro Light Rail system instead of your...