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As Obama Gets More Unstable, the Economy Stabilizes, Just as Planned

rknoch Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 8:37 AM
Bernanke's 'Magic Virtual Cash Machine' has masked over the permanent(?) damage this Regime has wrought on our 'Real Economy'. Injecting $85 Billion a month into our economy while an already, 'un-documented' $20 Trillion, or so, has been dumped into the world economy over the past 4+ years . . . . spells bad news for everyone. American business adjusted by laying off employees in preparation from the obamacare disaster coming down the pike and the Regime countered by putting half of America on some sort of Welfare . . . . a recipe directly out of Cloward & Piven and Alinsky . When the stock market makes its adjustment ('undocumented' dollars to Real Dollars) the world's in for a shocker . . . this will (probably) happen as the Regime exits the playing field. This diabolical Regime blames G.W. for the mess, on ingress, and will be able to blame whomever is elected in 2016, on egress . . . their perfect game. Only Americans with a 'lick-of-sense' will know the Real Truth . . . kinda leaves out the Kool Aide drinking crowd?.
yma Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 10:36 AM
Refreshing to see someone here with the common sense and idea of what is coming. Sooner then later as long as they can hold it off, but when the government bubble inflation slows or stops all HELL will break loose. The Obamabucks will start to dry up and all those told to stay home and milk the machine will realize the party is over, then watch what happens on the streets. 08 will look fun by comparison- and Chinas implosion will not be far behind. Bubble BIG bubbles all around.
damnyankeeCarol Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 8:50 AM
So agree but I kinda think the shocker will be used as a tool to bring civil discourse when the people start pushing back at this administration. I have no doubt they have lots of tools ( potential crisis) up their sleeve.