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Gay Activists’ Double Standard

rklein Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 8:45 AM
I agree that the government should have never been in the marriage business, but it is, and that isn't going to change. If Miss Cal had said that she thought that marriage should be restricted to male female couples only....but did not support the government making laws against others.....then I would have supported her. She did not. The problem is that the people who wish to restrict marriage use state power to stop others who do not agree with them.
Maybe I could get make my green eyes and red hair go away....hair dye and contacts. Problem is, that it is just a cover up. My hair still grows in red and when the contacts come out my eyes are still green. This unwillingness to accept the facts of human sexuality just makes you look stupid. Homosexuality is a norm....like my red hair, it only exists in small numbers of humans, but it exists throughout the history of mankind and no matter how you try and explain it away it still won't stop. Again, like my hair, it isn't numbers that define a norm, but the fact that it exists in a certain number of humans unchanged. It is normal for those who are. Actions can change....but the desire to act isn't able to be muted.
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