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Barone you are a Hawk Nutcase, seeking to involve us in a senseless cruel fight; haven't we killed enough women and children in Syria for you? Or Does your thirst for killing Christians crave more death. Leave that Country alone. As it is we should be assisting Assad in his caring for the 2 Million Christian Iraqi refugees due to the murderous mess that we made there. He is a good leader keeping peace for all Religions and especially the 3 Million Christians there whom we should be supporting not killing, you Idiot Hawk!
Yep Obama is for Wars in the Middle East and cowtows to NATO as we fictionalize AlQaida as the boogeyman. He doesn't want to help America...he wants it to fail and reduce the population with homelessness, joblessness and poverty to further the goals of the corporate elite he works for. They groomed him, sent him to Harvard and created the fiction of the new politician who would change everything. He is the child who panders to the corporate elite who created him; the big banks throughout the world who own NAtO and direct it to make these wars of bloody aggression in the Mid east, Syria, North Africa to steal the resources of these countries under the guise of making regime changes to foster Democracy. The reason for our making war...
What took you so long? I've been ashamed of my country ever since they paid Wall St Billions of my (our) money in TARP and then showed their gratefulness to us by throwing us out of our homes. My home Loan was so predatory from a Florida Bank that it had Mirrs violations, YSP (Yield Spread Premium) kickbacks in money I should have received,and it didn't even have my Loan when it evicted me from my home because it had illegally packaged it up in a "Bundle" as fraudulently sold it to Wall St as Triple A paper. The Government....our government just stood by and watched as women, children homeowners became homeless. The Government did nothing...Republican or Democrat when it could have easily required Banks to lower their rates to allow...
What took you so long? I've been asamed of my country ever since our Government gave billions of our TARP money to Wall Street Banks who proceeded to show how grateful they were by throwing us out of our homes. i was evicted from my home despite the fraudulent predatory Loan i had from my Florida Bank with Mirs Violations, YSP (Yield Spread Premium) violations which stole money from me by never giving me the rate I was promised, and despite the fact that they didn't even have my Loan anymore when they threw me out because they had illegally packaged it up in fraudulent Triple
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Islamic Exceptionalism

rkelley Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 11:38 PM
It was 2 Israeli Agents who manipulated the crowd in Benghazi with express aim to murder our Ambassador, an act of war not sen since the Israeli bombardment of the USS Liberty in 1967. This is the first assassination of an ambassador in the line of duty. This act is all the more grevious..egregious..since, in this country where the current central govt is purely legal fiction, the US Ambassador was not merely a diplomat, but was functioning as Governor, the de facto head of state.
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