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step away from the Kool Aid, or are ya too Thick to realize that Brain Damage has Already occurred, just SHUT UP already!!!!!!!!!
'it' has not been withdrawn (I'm here in Houston), the subpoena has only been rewritten, since it was "overly Broad"....mayor Putin (parker) is Shameless, HeartLess & a Bully!!!
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Dallas Mayor: Ebola Nurse a 'hero'

rked Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 6:06 PM
Wow! she's a Healthcare worker who put herself in harms way to take care of a very sick man with a very contagious disease (with inadequate PPE's as it turns out...) so Yes, she IS A HERO.....ya Dolt!!!!!!
Just think folks: if Ebola continues to spread in Dallas, And be mismanaged, then European countries will be banning Flights from the U.S.A., & of course we've already had a Credit Down Grade so I guess obama is making headway on his 'fundamental change'.....these are truly Sad, Sad, days!!!
Welcome to Our World sez Texas!!!--This has been going on for a looong time, our schools here in Texas have been Overwhelmed for ever so long...schools here have been Inundated by ILLEGALS for years, it has gotten so Bad that We, the People (TaxPayers), PAY (with our Property Taxes) to educate, vaccinate, feed, clothe, etc. ILLEGALS, but We Can't send our own kids to Public schools (too Dangerous/ Nasty), We Must then Shell Out for Private Schools, & if ya Don't believe it, then Please come Visit us in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, etc., etc., Very Sad & Discouraging :(
Yo cantor, I do Hope/Pray that the Door Hits ya in the backside on ur way OUT!!!
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