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Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Hidden in Fiscal Cliff

rk58 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 2:49 AM
1. Mitch McConnell tries to get a vote on Obama's budget and is shut down by Reid. 2. Obama is claiming the Republicans are blocking proposals, when there is nothing of the sort going on. 3. Now we discover there are hidden taxes in the fiscal cliff. POTUS is playing the republican congress for suckers and winning.. and a complicit MSM is just going along for the ride. And they've dirided Fox and the right so much that most folks believe its all lies from the right.. its the perfect storm. USA=GREECE.

According to Americans for Tax Reform, there is a $1 trillion tax hike hidden in the fiscal cliff that has been kept under the radar. The Congressional Budget Office estimates new or higher ObamaCare taxes will total a net $1 trillion over the next ten years starting in 2013. The taxes are permanent due to being written into the legislation and come in the form of a medical device tax, surtax on investment income, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax rate, the medical itemized deduction "haircut" tax, employer and individual mandate non-compliance tax and more. The numbers below...