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Black Self-Sabotage

rk58 Wrote: Aug 14, 2013 1:59 PM
Mr. Williams.. as always I agree.. I would just add one thing.. all the government handouts and practices that and helped destroy the family in all ethic communities (black included) must also be stopped. This is the one thing that non-blacks can do to help rectify the problem. I agree that the community of blacks must come together and look for solutions to stop what is going on, but until the carrot of easy money is removed there will always be the issue of folks taking advantage of that rather than acting responsibly. Some people act responsibly because it is deeply trained into them.. the rest act that way because they must due to circumstance. Welfare is the corrosive acid that deteriorates the family.. lets get rid of that once and for all (a pipe dream right now.. but I'll continue to dream of that day).
This is just excellent. And totally what is needed right now.. an articulate voice from inside the community to make the case for non-leftist governance.
My letter would go nowhere.. I live in CA. Boxer and Feinstein haven't listened on the previous emails I've sent.. why would they start now??
McCain was held by the Vietnamese, no the North Koreans.. 1960s, not 1950s.
To refer to McCain as either Republican or Conservative is to torture both of those labels and the ideas they supposedly represent. We haven't had any real leaders in the smaller government category in a long long time.. this is because the clear majority of voters don't want such people. When voters of either stripe don't want social security touched, then the ideals of small government have been completely lost.
for 30 years my father told me that they raised goats in the middle east, and they would end up going back to that after the oil boom. It takes decades to set up infrastructure like the saudi in the story wants. The should have been concerned about that and building the infrastructure in the 80s.. its now WAY too late for that. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys..
Michelle, you should just use 'Minihealth'. The proper newspeak term for it..
From what I read yesterday, the investigation into the IRS scandal recommended bringing charges against IRS officials that Holder's justice department refused to do. That isn't some minor point here. If Holder is refusing to bring folks up on charges when there is evidence of wrongdoing, he is only doing it for political reasons. Holder's actions, in this regard, are WORSE than the IRS issues brought to his attention.
Actually.. an argument can be made that Weiner is acting on some sort of inner compulsion.. But the real question is, what is keeping Weiner's wife standing next to this clown? I think she has the deeper character flaw.
Weiner's campaign replied: Pulling out prematurely wouldn't satisfy voters.
Remember the composition of the electorate that voted him in.. he REFLECTS that electorate very well.
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