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Which religion owns marriage?
She didn't have to call it anything. She just had to arrange flowers. If she wants to only provide services to weddings that are consistent with her religious belief, she ought to affiliate herself with a church (or group of churches) that align themselves to her belief and agree to be a florist only to weddings at that/those church(es). She keeps her eternal soul (what's left of it) and she's not holding herself out to be a business who serves the general public.
You don't have to call it marriage. But the state has no reason not to.
Not sure I'm catching the basis for your statistic, or how exactly it is responsive to my comment at all. Like I said, you're gonna have to say more.
Embedded in that right, Sorceress, to marry someone of the opposite gender, at least for you, is the right to choose to marry someone you're actually attracted to. If I told you you couldn't marry a man because he was black, or because he wasn't a Christian, and actually made that a law, you would have a fit. If I told you you could only marry the undesirable hairy goat-man, you might be a little perturbed. Why? Because you also have the right to choose to marry someone you find sexually attractive. What public policy do we forward by forcing homosexuals to (if they want to marry) marry someone they feel no sexual attraction for?
Most assaults by straights are by other straights. I don't catch your drift. You're gonna have to say more.
Wrong. Compelling reasons can be based on safety, public health, and general welfare of the public. None of which are morality-based.
Sorceress, the Supreme Court, in its great wisdom, has recognized as constitutional a right to marry. See Loving v. Virginia, where Chief Justice Burger wrote: "Marriage is one of the 'basic civil rights of man'"
1) I don't know where you're getting higher crime from. Higher child suicide rates may be less a function of gay marriage and more a function of how awful heterosexual bullies can be. 2) The lesbian statistic makes no sense...If they're less likely to have sex with a man (if indeed they do not have sex with men at all), how can they be more likely to have sex with a man who is at much higher risk of carrying STDs than heterosexual women who would actually be having sex with men? How would you even come up with that statistic?
Well, you just have to come up with a compelling reason that is not morality-based. The state could assert an interest in keeping familial relationships easily definable, so that they can keep records. A creative enterprising mind can come up with some way to distinguish that situation.
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