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Don't you mean you hope they do not INCREASE their level of voter fraud?
How i wish this was true. However we have GOP leadership that is killing the GOP. Then we have RINOs who go out of their way to kill the conservative movement. Linda McMahon has gone out of her way in the WWE to paint conservative views as evil. She has taken many platforms of the GOP platform and twisted them to make them look evil and racist. When we have registered GOP candidate such as her we do not need the DNC to defeat the conservative movement. Time to clean house in the GOP and eliminate the dead wood.
Here is the ONLY argument you need to know. Criminals BREAK laws.If they will break the other laws they will NOT abide by gun laws. Making gun ownership illegal is only effecting those who follow the law.
She knows nothing, nothing.
Do not waste time trying to explain the concept of law to these people. They still think Clinton was impeached over a blow job.
It isn't the failed plan it's the cover up. It never had good intentions to begin with. The focus of the plan was to catch US guns dealers NOT drug dealers. There was no fail safe plan to track these guns.
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