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The whole spectacle is disgusting. The more you give people, the more they want. You'd think by now we'd have all learned that almost all humans are inherently greedy from birth, and will take as much as they are given.
I'm dressing up like a pilgrim killing a turkey.
I had no idea it was humanly possible to cram that many weasel words into a two-and-a-half-minute video.
Clearly, Reid has naked pics of every single Democrat politician, locked away in a safe somewhere. Pics with sheep.
It's fun watching the delusional Democrats. ObamaCare could rise out of the crypt tonight and pull blood-spraying jugular veins from the necks of every single American, and the Obama bootlickers would STILL claim it was only a small "glitch".
Which is precisely the idea. Lib fascists WANT us to get used to this and accept as the new normal.
Shannon Watts is a psychotic, lying, wh*ore.
Here's what Shannon Watts says: "We've very much changed our strategy to focus on public safety measures that will save the most lives." Here's what she means: "We're constantly looking for different retail and restaurant chains to harass and shame into doing what WE want them to do." Pay attention to what this Nazi-like group of busybody control freaks is doing. It is nothing short of an attempt to re-make America into a place where people are supposed to be "ashamed" that they own firearms. Disgusting.
My question to American Jews: Why on earth do you continue to support Obama? Seriously, name ONE thing he has done to help you.
Obama loves money even more than he hates Jews. So, what else is new?
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