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The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power

RJBJr Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 8:50 AM
George. A great article! Right on. You have shown why the conservatives are losing elections. We can't go back to "the good old days". We're in a whole new era. "People who are smarter and luckier than I am will have to craft the solution" Totally correct. We need a new solution, one that substitutes new capitalist incentives instead of Obama's redistribution philosophy. There are solutions that do that. Unfortunately, our politicians don't have any. Look to take people for new ideas. There, you will find your answer.

Last week I wrote about the crisis of unemployment in Europe. I received a great deal of feedback, with Europeans agreeing that this is the core problem and Americans arguing that the United States has the same problem, asserting that U.S. unemployment is twice as high as the government's official unemployment rate. My counterargument is that unemployment in the United States is not a problem in the same sense that it is in Europe because it does not pose a geopolitical threat. The United States does not face political disintegration from unemployment, whatever the number is. Europe might.

At the same time, I would agree...