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Gays Don’t Have a Right to Marriage

RJBJr Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 7:16 AM
When gay guys get "married", who is the husband and who is the wife? If they exchange roles from time to time aren't they something other than husband and wife? Why are gay guys afraid of actual women? It's all confusing to me.
DCM in FL Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 7:54 AM
"who is the husband and who is the wife?" -- Not sure how that's decided, but being a "gay couple" inherently requires one or the other party to function as something they're not. That's a problem right there.

"Why are gay guys afraid of actual women?" -- Afraid? Not sure about that. They may have grown up seeing women as useless, but "gayness" often has less to do with anything about women than with a sexualized need for male acceptance.
DCM in FL Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 8:01 AM
That's for male gays, of course. With lesbians, it may be a sexualized need for female acceptance and/or a rejection of males (due to sexual abuse, for example).
Andy372 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 8:59 AM
And if you can find the few studies that actually look at the fundamental causes of the homosexual addiction / behaviors, a very large proportion of homosexual men and women have been abused in their childhood. Two of the studies I read (back in the last century, dating myself...) actually called sexual abuse an extremely likely cause of homosexual desire/behavior, and called for treating the behavior by treating the abuse, even in cases where no known abuse occurred - as it was such a frequent causitive factor.

The mere words same-sex marriage connote it’s not a “marriage” by use of the term, but rather an aberration of a societal norm that a small group are determined to force onto the majority. Only 3% of Americans are gay.

Since the beginning of time, before marriage was formally recognized by state laws, it was defined between a man and a woman not just for kicks, but because people of the opposite sex have coupled off to procreate, as a means of continuing society. It takes a man and woman to biologically create a baby, so naturally society...