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How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments

RJBJr Wrote: May 19, 2014 7:05 AM
Matt. I think you could easily make the same kind of list for Conservatives.
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First Redistribute Vatican Wealth

RJBJr Wrote: May 13, 2014 7:26 AM
The Pope should study Joshua. Joshua divided the Promised Land fairly among the Jewish families with property rights and ownership to each in perpetuity. It was left to each family, then, to profit based on how hard they worked their land.
John. Sad personal story. I too am familiar with fighting "the system". But, I think I do understand the difference between government and market systems. I know both can be changed in a way that encourages and rewards folks like you. There are solutions.
Oh yes, John. There ARE ways to control spending and to improve government efficiencies. Believe. Seek, and you will find. This is a "can do" society of infinite creativity. And this problem is not hard. The answer lies with the people.
It's possible, and easy, to use capitalist incentives to control government spending and inefficiencies.
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An American Solution to Income Inequality

RJBJr Wrote: May 04, 2014 7:25 AM
Bruce, more jobs is only half the solution. We can also provide greater opportinities for those who are working to create weath for themselves.
Picketty totally lacks creativity. He copies a failed Marxist idea of taking from the filthy rich. There is another approach. If he wants equality of incomes, why not propose new ways for lower economic classes to have greater opportunities to become filty rich too.
Sorry Fuzz. No matter where you are in the universe, all stars will be moving away. We are not at the center. God did write Genesis for us. But He did not specify the frame of reference as earth. Where did you read that? I think you made that up. We know the force of gravity on earth. You learned that in junior high. We also know what gravity was when the universe was formed. That gravitational field was approximately 1 trillion times stronger making God's watch run very slow. God dictated the story from His perspective. Think about it. I know you'll get it.
Think of it this way. Take a stop watch and time a mile race. Your watch will show the race took about 4 minutes. God also times the same race. Since His watch runs far slower, His watch will show the race taking only one second [sic ]. Your watch ran much faster than God's. Your watch ticked off many seconds to God's one second. The same is true for timing of the creation. God times it as 6 days as is told in Genesis. Your watch, timing the same events, running faster, will time the creation as 15 billion years. I hope this helps.
God is the only one who would measure the age of the universe as 6 days. Pretty exciting evidence for the existence of God.
Fuzzy. By gravity well, I assume you mean a location of high gravity. Earth is a low gravity location, so our clocks run faster. That's why we measure the age of the universe as 15 billion years here on low-gravity earth. But God started His watch in a high gravity environment shortly after the Big Bang, when the entire universe was small. So, God's watch runs slower. He was not on earth. There was no earth when He started his watch. The six days Genesis describes is according to God's clock.
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