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I hit the mute button every time the media does a sound bite of Obama. His resume is a lie. He is a compulsive liar. Why listen? Notice every one in his entourage is an accomplished liar. We're in trouble because we accepted "little white lies" a long time ago. Now, we've evolved. Even big lies are now acceptable. Anyone in the executive branch who wants to reveal the truth is gagged and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement and threatened by his Chicago thugs and the IRS. His failures are a result of his inability to deal with truth. Lies always lead to failure. Obama is the result of the people ignoring "thou shall not bear false witness". Until we learn to respect that commandment, things will get even worse? Hello Hillary!
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“Diversity”: The Idol of Academia

RJBJr Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 7:37 AM
Diversity used to be called "open minded". GK Chesterton warned "Don't be so open minded that your brains fall out". I believe that's what has happened to liberal, open minded academia.
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IRS Emails "Lost"- And So Is The Outrage

RJBJr Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 9:14 AM
We need non-political whistleblowers to come forward. There are geeks in the IRS who know a lot. But since this corrupt administration is run by Chicago mob tactics, whistleblowers fear for their very lives. We need a system to protect the whistleblowers and reward them financially. The $1,000,000 proposed is not nearly enough. $5,000,000 might do it. But, apparently there is no way for the House to establish such a fund. We the people, need to step up and establish a fund.
What's this about the government threatening employees from speaking out about the problems/conditions? This seems to be a pattern. They gagged Bergdahl's platoon, IRS employees, VA doctors, etc. the only effective way to stop this corrupt administration is for whistleblowers to come forward. We need an effective system to reward and protect whistleblowers throughout the government!
Anyone seriously intending to challenge Hillary needs to set up a large campaign account for personal protection. The only reason Obama won was his Chicago thugs were badder than Hillary's.
This is America, a capitalist country. Make it profitable for Deep Throat to speak out. The committee should offer $5,000,000 and a witness protection program for those in the lower ranks who can provide info that leads to criminal convictions of the corrupt IRS executives, Justice Department officials and White House staff involved in the cover-up.
How much does a tape cost? The practice was to write over the archive tapes every 6 months. Why not just print a label with dates on it and put the tape in storage, buy a new one and mount it on the tape drive every 6 months? Why didn't the IRS do that? And are they still overwriting the tapes today?
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The Top 8 Things to Think About

RJBJr Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 7:27 AM
Talk about arrogance! You think you know more than God, who created our universe and its physical and moral laws with a Big Bang? What universe do you live in? In our universe, no matter what YOU think gravity will always pull you down. Try to defy any of God's laws and bad things will happen.
Anything that improves productivity will increase the wealth of the nation and its people.
Exactly right! There are whistleblowers in the IRS who know exactly what happened to Lerner's "missing" emails. No doubt they fear retaliation if they speak up. The solution is a financial reward, a bounty, authorized by Congress, along with the protection. Give whistleblowers a financial incentive commensurate with the risk, just like in the private sector.
At least got your grammar right. Perhaps YOU could get a job editing TH authors or teaching Jr High English to them?
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