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This has been the most corrupt and opaque administration in history. Now, it will have to get even worse. To stop Obama, we need executive branch whistleblowers. The Republican Congress should make it a priority to encourage, protect and reward these patriotic whistleblowers. We can start by getting to the bottom of the Sheryl Attkinsson story. I'll wager there are whistleblowers who can trace this and many other domestic spying cases right back to the White House.
I agree. The errors do not change the message. But they are worth acknowledging and discussing. Much better to deal with the Truth than perpetuating a Doctrine (of Inerrancy) we know to be untrue.
"...Liberal indoctrination of core Christian teachings such as the inerrancy of the Bible." Problem with that statement is there ARE errors in the Bible. Compare the sequence of events in John with the other Gospels. Did Noah take 1 pair of clean animals on the ark, or did he take 7 pairs? And most Evangelicals I know seem to stubbornly insist the universe is 6000 years old. This MISINTERPRETATION of Genesis has caused great harm to the Faith. Evangelicals need to face the Truth and get real with some of their basic doctrines. They need to Listen more to the Holy Spirit who was sent "to teach all things".
I think the problems John describes is a result of "the system". During the early days of the industrial revolution, things were simple enough for a single CEO could run his business. But as corporations grew, the CEO morfed into a hierarchical system. Harvard and other business schools taught that management didn't need to know the details of how the business produced wealth. They only needed to know how to gain and hold political power. They were taught they could move directly into top levels of management without having any experience at lower levels. Its the hierarchical system that is the problem. It no longer works in business or government. It no longer works in a competitive world economy. There are better systems we can build using the information technology we have available today.
The Muslims don't hate Christians and Jews because of their religions. They hate us because we have prospered and they haven't. They are simply jealous. ISIS gets converts from the West who have not been able to financially succeed here and/or cant find a girlfriend. Israel is the only free country in the ME. They are the only country in the ME whose CITIZENS have a chance to create their own wealth. We need to back Israel and continuously explain to the people of the Muslim strong-man countries that they can share in the prosperity of their nation by overthrowing their Muslim leaders and create a society like Israel and the West. Its not about religion. Its about economics.
John 5:28 “Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice 29 and come out—those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned. Doesn't this verse indicate that it is possible for those who haven't believed in Jesus can make it to heaven if they have done good?
Obama is at war with America and Capitalism. He can't give one speech that compares Christian values to the Islamic fascist ideology. If he had his way, he'd behead all conservatives who support our Constitution. The only reason he's bombing ISIS is in reaction to the polls. Those polls are a threat to his own objective of a democrat Caliphate in the US.
The Bible tells us to "test all things". It does not say that all it's stories are historically factual. But, through "testing" we can find that some of the stories are true (remarkably). Genesis 1 is a perfect example. Scientific "testing" has shown that indeed there was a "beginning". Scientific testing also seems to verify that everything, the heavens and the earth, were created in the first instant, but were pure energy and "without form". Scientific testing also seems to verify that God "stretched out the heavens" which was necessary to convert that initial energy into matter. The most amazing thing to me is that Genesis also got the timing right. Scientific testing has taught us that what time we measure depends on where we are located in this universe. Scientific "testing" shows us that the same 6 days as measured from God's location at "the beginning" will be measured as 14 billion years from our location on earth! We may never know if the stories about Jonah and Noah are true or not. But, discovering that Genesis is true has been an inspiration to me.
Doug. Thanks so much for telling it like it is. The only way to defeat the Islamists is to expose the truth about their religion. Your truth needs to be broadcast by the media, politicians, and in our churches until every Muslim and potential Muslim understands the Truth. This is a war of ideology. It needs an army of Christians and other truly peaceful religions speaking out. It would be nice to have the leader of this army in the White House or in Congress. No one there yet. Is there someone running in November we can vote in to fill this role?
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The Lawyer on Trial for Christ

RJBJr Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 10:20 AM
I disagree strongly. If you examine yourself closely, you'll find your own personal god, Dean - something you have strong belief and Faith in above all else. If it's not one of the examples above, how about Allah, or the universe, or perhaps yourself, your own knowledge, or the Seahawks?
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