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The Media's Favorite Fake Republicans

rivey Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 3:41 PM
Actually Powell supports Obama, because Obama's policies and beliefs are that of a Republican and not a liberal. If you match Obama with Reagan you will find that the two agree pretty much on 99% of things. Obama is more Republican then most Republicans these days if you measure him against the stick of Reagan. Obamacare? Republican legislation created by the Heritage Foundation and championed by Newt Gingrich back in 1990s. So basically the reason Colin Powell a moderate Republican of the Reagan years voted for Obama, because Obama was the real Republican in the Presidential election.
The Republican Party is desperately in need of some good advice. It needs to return to Ronald Reagan conservatism and give America a two-party system, not a tinny echo of Obama. But our liberal media keep desperately inviting fake Republicans to offer advice to the GOP.

They want to create a new Republican Party, one that rejects the principles of the man who championed freedom.

Exhibit A: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Jan. 14 Washington Post insisted on the front page: "Bloomberg wants change in the GOP." Post reporter Jason Horowitz noted, "America's most prominent and deep pocketed...