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Click on this poster's name and view the repeat postings that are canned liberal rants. Flag this troll.
Townhall's rules for posting are a joke. They let a troll like this post the same thing over & over.
Before someone assumes that I was making the case against requiring voter ID, I was not. However, I am opposed to increasing government control and the increasing number of ways for bureaucrats to "manage" my life for me. A biometric ID concerns me.
Only criminals want to hide their identity? Oh, really? So we should all submit to your notion of a biometric ID, as if criminals could not find a way around that. Beware the slippery slope--that supposed "innocent" first step that opens the door to creeping abuse, manipulation, and control. Taken to its eventual end, think 666. Coming soon...for your own good of course.
If you were to bother to read Townhall's comment policy, you would find that repeat posts are not allowed.
Is it "shame" that they want to protect the women from, or is it reality and responsibility? Seems to me that if the unborn is just a mass of nondescript goo that bears no resemblance to a real life, then viewing an ultrasound image would give the women a sense of welcomed peace to proceed with the abortion. But if--on the other hand--that unborn thing is actually identifiable as a tiny and fragile human being awaiting its chance at life outside the womb, then I can see why 78% of the women would change their mind about proceeding with this particular method of belated birth control.
He thinks that if he (the Republicans) will not go along that the mass of illegals won't vote Republican (hardly likely under any circumstances anyway). It's the same with most things. The Republican establishment thinks that by being Democrat-lite that they won't offend anyone. It's a great plan...if you always want to come in second place to the bigger Santa Claus. How in the world the Republicans think they can keep a loyal base when they provide no real alternative other than being a teeny bit tougher is beyond me. Too many people have given up and don't even vote because the differences are becoming too blurred. It's almost as if most Republican politicians are being led with a halter around their neck...simply trailing behind the Democrats. It is truly disgusting.
I think that I have the immigration stance for both parties fairly well figured out: "Give up, give in, and give out."
I would like to see Christie turn in his Republican credentials and announce that he has become a Democrat (might as well). It would be interesting if not downright comical to see the media's reaction to that.
Probably Rome, right before the fall.
I agree...if you can't trust Chris Mathews, who can you trust? The man has impeccable integrity, is completely objective, and has razor-sharp journalistic skills. He stands ready to pursue truth at all costs.
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