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No, I don't believe that was the point. There was no targeting of "conservative" blacks by Cochran (since there are precious few). Instead, there was the courting of black voters at large, who are known to be mainly Democratic voters. The game was to get them to cross lines and vote in the Republican primary so they could be assured that either with a Cochran win or a Democratic win that no one would be there to challenge the entitlement mentality. The vast majority of the blacks that voted for Cochran in the primary have no intention of voting for him in the election to follow. What these voters do not realize is that they are building their own social and economic gallows by choosing the nanny state over the state of true freedom & personal responsibility. When you say that race had nothing to do with it, it didn't...at least not with McDaniel. It had everything to do with Cochran's game plan.
Going hat-in-hand to black voters or white voters or Hispanic voters or Asian voters (etc.) because they are of a given demographic is part of the very problem that we are trying to get beyond. This is nothing but condescending and presumptuous racism--something that will continue to widen the gulf between the races. What was McDaniel to do--what promises should he have made to "buy" votes? McDaniel did not play the game, and now those who detest racism are using his integrity against him because he would not stoop to the same deceitful manipulation that Cochran did.
Drifter, you are 100% correct. Star is agreeing to play the race game, McDaniel was not. A victory by McDaniel by playing the race game would not be a victory worth having.
It really irritates me that everyone is so eager to focus on Hillary & Bill's out-of-touch comments regarding their wealth. This is it? This is the main chink in Hillary's armor? This is her weak link that might bring her down and give the Republicans the edge they need? Does her corrupt history mean nothing? Does her failure as Secretary of State mean nothing? Does her indifference to and lies about Benghazi mean nothing? Do all of her other lies mean nothing? Does her lack of qualification mean nothing? Do we ignore all this and hope that her attitude about her money will bring her down? This is like a prosecutor ignoring capital charges against someone so that the charge of shoplifting can be made. Well, surprise, voters can easily dismiss a charge of shoplifting. Focusing on these gaffes gives her a pass on the truly important matters. We have no sense at all.
When I was young and stupid and without a moral compass, I had one of the foulest mouths around. As a commercial deep-sea diver working offshore construction I was in an environment where 4-letter words were the standard fare. Even a very vulgar fellow diver who was disgusted with my language said to me one time that I ought to listen to myself. However, even in that lost condition I had the decency and respect not to use that kind of language around women, children, or elders who might be offended by such words. Finally, my life changed overnight when God entered my life. Yep, I’m one of those born again Christians that so many people find more repugnant that murderers and porn stars. But now in these public forums where anonymous users hide behind invented names, I am again exposed to profanity and filth. Time after time I back away and refuse to read the comments, but then after a break I return to take the temperature of readers and see where things are heading. And almost always someone with the mindset of a 15-year-old boy who thinks that talking trash and interjecting vulgarity is a sign of manhood has to offer his thoughts laced with profanity and vulgarity. By doing so, this sends more thoughtful and mature readers on their way. Anyone who thinks that society is not spiraling downward is blind to reality. I once contributed to that decline, and I regret this. I would encourage posters not to make comments that they would be embarrassed to make if their parents and grandparents were listening. And more importantly, someone else is listening as well, and someday we will all answer to Him. Gone again for a season. Larry Whited
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Russia Today Anchor Quits on Live TV

Riverson Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 9:21 PM
Refreshing, absolutely refreshing.
Right...Muslims loved us until Bush came along. They even proved their respect for us with 9-11 and unending and escalating terrorist activities. Perhaps you might want to ask the troops how "happy" they are with Obama using them as pawns rather than trying to convince yourself to believe the liberal line. You don't believe it, and neither does anyone else.
I am of the strong opinion that you are wrong--Obama is not a Muslim...meaning that he is not a religious person. He most definitely is a Muslim sympathizer, but this does not make him a Muslim. (And I am not at all defending Muslims--their interests and agendas are clearly contrary to ours.) This trying to categorize him might seem to be wrangling about words when actions are what matter, but there are important principles involved here. In short, what truly drives the man; and where will all this lead? Obama must be understood psychologically. His God is not the Muslim's Allah, but it is the reflection he sees in the mirror. This makes him dangerous on a somewhat different level than if he were a religious Muslim. Religion does not drive him; ego and pride do, along with a deep-seated resentment of white people and of those who have more (fill in the blank _____) than he does. The man is more dangerous than most people realize, especially if he doesn't get his way.
Vying for the title "Crown Prince of Fools"?
Isn't it curious that the news media quits reporting military casualties and fatalities when a Democrat--and especially this Democrat--is president, yet when a Republican is president we are reminded repeatedly of how many who have died. How the media can justify its hypocrisy is beyond me. They will do just about anything to protect this corrupt administration.
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