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"Open Minded"? Liberals Prefer to Ignore Arguments They Disagree With

rivenburg Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 11:51 AM
Who gives shyt what liberals think about anything , let alone US. REAL humans should get over this obsession over "what liberals think" because it's something whose importance is truly minuscule. What passes for liberal thought processes can be identified by their level of humor, 5th grade potty humor. I believe what Freud attributed to kweeers (emotionally frozen just pre-pubescent) is easily attributable to most liberals. They ARE insane, and childishly so. It's NOT complex, liberals are emotional children, their behavior mimics children. Thus the permanent 90 year long "revolution" out of people who ARE currently "the man".
deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 12:00 PM
We give a shyt, as you say, about what liberals "think" (though in the case of liberals "feel" would be a better word, since propaganda tends to control people through emotion rather than intellect), because, as Sun Tzu pointed out, it is beneficial to know your enemy.

Understanding the mechanisms the liberal thought-masters use to control their brainwashed dupes is very useful on deprogramming missions, because the way you deprogram cult members is to explain to them where the lies used to control them don't add up, and make them aware of the truth that has been kept from them.

Some say liberal dupes are so heavily brainwashed and their armor of doublethink so thick that deprogramming is impossible. But this is only mostly true.
New research out notes that self-identified liberals are indeed more liberal - with the ignore and block buttons on social media platforms when it comes to arguments they disagree with.

As Zeke Miller finds in ORI's presentation, "liberals were significantly more likely to have blocked someone than conservatives," and specifically, they block people "because of their political views."

An old adage is that while conservatives think liberals are wrong, liberals think conservatives are evil. This has been proven true time and time again - liberals prefer to pretend like there's some...

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