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Real Racism

ritewinger Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 7:13 AM
"tremendous positive response to change since 1970".... Are you just stupid? Liberal policies have been totally destructive to blacks, and have created more need among poor whites, to boot, as well as made a mockery of the educational system......Response????
oldnjal Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 7:41 AM
Thomas and Wright, Cain, Star Parker, and numerous others have survived and overcome both the racism that MLK tried to end, and the plantation the Progressives have set up. Progressives act as if blacks must be catered to and protected as weaker and dependent. Actually, they are just one purposely pointed out demographic that must be kept under the Big Tent. Only selling that they are 'victims' will keep them there. Yet the southern Democrats, historically, were the most oppressive.
Col. West has shown he does not need their hovering protection, and has been successful acting as a citizen equal to any of us. He has joined Bill Cosby, and many others, that show contempt for the games Progressives play, and has my greatest admiration.

Yes, this is about race and racism. But no, it’s not about the Trayvon Martin case and how the media is pimping it.

It’s not even about the equally tragic black-on-white crimes some push to expose media bias in the Martin case. I don’t subscribe to the “Yeah, sure, but what about this!” game some play to expose leftist hypocrisy. A crime is a crime, regardless of the skin tone of the victims or the perps.

This is about how progressives continue to exploit race to keep us divided as a people and to manipulate voters.