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Where are all these subsidies coming from, oh guess what the taxpayer, plus the makers are having to pay higher premiums so the takers can have insurance. Mediaide is just slightly above a 3rd world's care.
jesse jackson has asked the homeland security to patrol the streets of Chicago, I guess with those 7000 AK15 they just bought.
Kudos to you, what great comments.
Do you know how to speak English, you make no sense, but by your name I understand.
amen to you, you are so right.
You are so right, then o punishes the seals, for doing much less than he and biden.
Agree with you.
I agree with you. I think the o is trying to oust any general, admiral or whatever that he deems not in his web of deceit.
Are you 10 years old, you sound like t.
According to what Patty Murray D-Wa, she has told the dems to allow the country to go over the cliff and then blame it on the republicans then they wil cae.
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