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Obama Is Headed Anywhere but Forward

Rita117 Wrote: May 02, 2012 6:54 AM
Very scary but also very true.........Good-bye Sweet America! If we lose the election in November we will officially be putting the last nail in the coffin for America. We have all got to fight the good fight and get the vote out for winning bach the WH and to get the majority in the senate. God help us!
You have to hand it to President Obama and his cabal of re-election strategists; they are masters of illusion. Their newly released Web video and its accompanying campaign slogan, "Forward," are science fiction-level fantastical.

We're all familiar with Obama's penchant for deflecting responsibility and blaming his policy failures on George W. Bush, but after more than three years in office for Obama, it has gone from childish mischief to juvenile delinquency. This is a question for Guinness: Has any other president run for re-election against the record of his retired predecessor?

Indeed, Obama is still feeding us this dodge years beyond its spoil...