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We're governed by egotistical idiots. What a waste of perfectly good oil paint.
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Have You Seen the New Time Magazine Cover?

ripsaw Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 10:12 AM
How do you tell the difference between a moron and and idiot when you stop behind them at a red light? The moron still has an Obama-Biden bumper sticker. The idiot pasted a "coexist" sticker over "Obama '08"
To put it in perspective, when the technology was new, Bill Clinton was president. Windows XP didn't come out until Bush was in office and Microsoft recently announced that it would no longer provide tech support for XP because of its age, People born in the 1990s are already graduating from college. A half a billion dollars for technology that's as old as Justin Bieber. Seriously?
I'm thinking, if God ever did deputize some mere mortal to determine whether I'm a phony Christian or not, it wouldn't be Schultz.
The fact that Obama doesn't know where Jacksonville and Savannah are is an indication that he isn't quite the smartest president ever. But the bigger joke is that he doesn't know what they are. Ports are commercial enterprises. If a port isn't deepened, he says "they'll go somewhere else." Fine. They'll still go to a U.S. port. and another city will process the shipment. A ship full of oil or big screen TV's or whatever isn't going to get their goods to the US market by delivering them "somewhere else" like, say, Argentina. If the Port of Savannah wants to handle more ships, they need to deepen their own harbor or watch the business go to a deep water U.S. port that spent local money to deepen their harbor.
The Church really needs to excommunicate both Pelosi and Biden, not suggest that they stop claiming to be Catholic.
I'm having a hard time figuring out how gun control and immigration reform--the two things Obama and Biden seem to be spending all of their time on--are not distracting them from their "laser focus" on jobs. Am I misunderstanding the meaning of laser focus or did they blow off their faux concern for the millions of unemployed? To quote another liberal hack politician, "It's the economy, stupid!"
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Diversity and Catatonic Schizophrenia

ripsaw Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:16 AM
As a white, heterosexual, American male, why do I feel like I just wouldn't fit in at Diversity University? And do they really have a lot of Armenian students or just too many spelling-challenged American students educated in the California public school system? She also fails to mention that the school's diversity is further demonstrated by the fact that the university hired an inarticulate moron as its president, a position most institutes of higher learning choose to fill with someone with a modicum of intelligence.
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ripsaw Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 9:29 AM
Why does the leader of the free world even need a logo? Are we sure this is a representation of a flag or just a photo of Obama's monogrammed tighty whities with 5 days worth of skid marks?
You seem to miss the logical teachable moment for OWS re: Libya. If someone would make a really crappy YouTube video mocking the OWS matriarch, Elizabeth Warren, or the Prophet Barack, they would finally have a focus, something to rally around.
Where is the United Nations in all of this? I haven't heard word one from 760 United Nations Plaza condemning the actions in Libya, Egypt, or Yemen. We need to think seriously about the wisdom of supporting the UN with our taxpayer dollars as well as our wasted foreign aid dollars sent to the Middle East. How about expelling some Egyptian, Yemani, and Libyan ambassadors? To the world, we look weak and foolish.
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