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Obama Has Earned Next To Nothing In Life

RINO Detector Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:39 PM
Yes indeed, apologies from whites . . . good point. I kind of feel like the ultimate apology was the 600,000 white people who died to free black folks. The ones from the Union who gave sacrifice for an honorable cause and the ones in the South truly punished for their sins. Hey Loyal Democrat, can you imagine, so much white blood shed to save black folk. Can you imagine? And you really want more? What kind of person are you? Where is your character? Where is THEIR character? What else could you ask for? What kind of people behave like this?!?!?!?

As much of the far-left mainstream media continues to panic over Mr. Obama’s abject failure of a first debate, they deliberately avoid doing their jobs and reporting the real reason for his totally expected performance.

Said one Obama-fawning editor from The Atlantic magazine, “…The president appeared snippy, his eyes flashing angrily during those infrequent moments when he looked at his opponent, his lips pursed and upturned when he looked down…There was, in the expression, a mixture of annoyance, impatience, and dislike”

The fact is that Mr. Obama was “snippy.” His expression did have a “mixture of annoyance, impatience, and dislike.”