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Just Drill, Barry

RINO Detector Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 8:42 AM
"Nobody likes anyone anymore" Lois, what do you expect when all we see day after day is Left Wing propaganda to justify expansion of the state: white men caused all evil in the world, women are victims, blacks are victims, the upper class is out to get you, traditional morality is the toilet, etc., etc.? Take away a person's rights and slander them too often, and eventually they bite back (peacefully). Also, a socialist state like ours pits person against person, group against group, because everybody tries to get their share of the tax loot.

When presidential candidate John Kerry pointed out that he voted for the Iraq War before he voted against the Iraq War, we all thought it a terrible gaffe. But politics, in a study of how politics leads to a devolutionary society, no longer sees campaigning as being for something before being against something as gaffe-worthy.   

Yesterday’s sex scandal can be today’s mystique, if you are just willing to afterward reveal to teenagers on TV what kind of underwear you favor.

So it’s with this quaint notion that right can be made wrong- and vice a versa- if you just...