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It boggles the mind of the informed (which are not many). The savages are so CORRUPT now (which is why I call them savages) that it is impossible to separate politics from business, business from politics, investment from politics, cronyism from the usual way of doing business. The GOP is NOT much better which is why it rolls along like good little losers right behind. But it is a tad better. The treasury is being looted and raped by savages and nothing can be done. Enjoy the remnants of Amerika. It be gone.
No freaking S%^T!!!! And I wondered from the START why Romney and team did not make a big deal of this from the get go. The savages bused in hundreds of thousands, paid people to vote, submitted phony IDs, disenfranchised our soldiers. And the COWARDS at the GOP Establishment simply stood by with their thumbs up their you know whats not wanting to appear EXTREME! Well, YOU GOT SOMETHING EXTREME, you freakin' intellectual idiots who run the GOP?!?!?! Good riddance. I may just register Democrat to get a party that at least believes in winning its game plan. Pathetic!
GOD I hope Col. West stays somehow. I love the man. Once again the SAVAGES have scored another in their attempt to kill liberty and freedom. Let them live as the animals that they are. We are done for.
The savages continue the wreaking of havoc in this formerly great nation:
Let us face it. In an election like this, if Obama is really getting 99% of the votes in a precinct, it can only be chalked up to one thing pure and simple: Racism. Or, perhaps a Hate Whitey mentality that bought into our Revered Leader's appeals to revenge voting. Or a desire to live off the hard work of others? Or a hatred for western civilization? Or too much exposure to Black Church Liberation Theology? Or any animal herd instinct? I mean, you tell me . . . .
Oh, it is amazing. this latest with the General tells me our nation is f'd for good. These so called elites, our wannabe rullers, are just pathetic, I do not care whether they come from the Left, Right, Military, or Ivy Leagues.
Maybe a man with the character to keep his pen1s holstered at all times when it comes to acts that may compromise national security . . . . Bill Clinton?
This administration is replete with savages.
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GOP Folly

RINO Detector Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 12:02 AM
Shut up Tim you Whitey! How DARE you suggest that borders actually mean something! You freakin' nasty white supremacist bigoted anti immigrant racist nutbag!
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