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If the president had b*lls and cared, it would take one phone call to the Mexican. President to inform him that if our Marine was not released within 24 hrs he would not see another tourist or US dollars come into his country. He was more concerned about some 350lb thug who assaulted a police officer or some low life deserter than this decorated marine.
Question #13 When will hollywood come out with the movie of the cowards back in D C watching the murders of four brave Americans who were expecting help to be on the way. We've seen the heroics of Obama and his stoogies with pensive expressions adnauseam as they watched the seals kill Osama,
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The Polluted Documentary Oscar Pool

ringmaster Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:12 PM
I can't wait for the documentary about how obama and his despicable band of toadies singlehandedly abetted the murder of five heroic Americans. How will hollywood show the viewers how this band of cowards watched the murders of these brave men who were surely trying to hold off the terrorist knowing that help was on it's way?
Ann is underestimating the power the 24/7 arm of the democratic party, the MSM who will feed the uninformed lemings who swallow every lie that is fed to them. As long as they can get their freebies, who cares about the economy, let the rich old white guys pay for it.
It seems that being Bi-Polar is a requirement for Congress-look at (we have to pass the bill to see what's in it) PILOSI, (the joker) BIDEN, (I was before that bill before I was against it) KERRY( I didn't know he was growing pot in my basement) FRANK, (I thought I was an indian) WARREN) need I go on? What other job is there where you can be hospitalized or in hiding for months and not be missed and get rehired?
I'm sick and tired of this idiotic debate about whether this mob was a terrorists group or not, or who said what when and where. I don't care if the mob was selling girl scout cookies or trick or treating. I don't care who lied to us because this crew has been lying to us for four years. But I DO CARE that this shamless crew watched a live video of four America heros get slaughtered and did nothing about it. There had to be dozens in the war room watching this happen and not one person had the courage to step up and let the world know what happened. Is there not one honest person in this administration that would do the right thing instead of covering their tracks and protecting their butts?
Unfortunately we just lost the most courageous rep, in the country when Col West was defeated in Florida.
I'm sure a vast majority of us including myself thought Clint was fantastic and hit the ball out of the park. I fully expected the left wing nuts would deride him for many reasons, but when our own conservative pundits knock him with their condescending remarks, that is uncalled for. It seems to me that these "conservatives " are the same ones who did the same to Palin. Could it be they don't feel secure with conservatives who don't act and sound more like them? I for one can think for myself and don't need these elitists to tell me who and why certain conservatives are not up the their standards.
When we clean out the white house in Nov. the next step is to clean out the military of all these weasel generals who would sell out our brave young soldiers to advance their careers
I think we should cut Chrissy some slack, it's possible that tingling that went down his leg and shot up to his brain and shorted out some of his brain cells, I just hope there is enough money left in medicare to treat his condition or else he might have to take a trip to Cuba for treatment
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