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The Clarity of the Obama Sequester

rimfrel Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 2:17 PM
I think it makes more sense for liberals to all move to California. Take Oregon and Washington, too. The east coast liberal strongholds are very small states, so I think you will all fit. Plus, you can avail yourselves of the efficiencies of city living. It will be more economical to invest in solar cells and mass transportation. No reason to bisect the country like India does East and West Pakistan. You'll get states with beautiful scenery, which you will preserve at all costs. The moderates and conservatives will get the rest, with states what grow food, mine mineral wealth, and drill for oil. Sadly, you won't have any of that, but I am sure you will enjoy composting your waste to fertilize your indoor garden, where you will grow food.
Mick135 Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 3:44 PM
This is the reverse of Galt Gulch for you and your pals, Michael! A Golden State opportunity! By all means, get all your pals to head West, celebrate each others' lifestyles, ban your soft drinks and guns, legislate yourselves into bankruptcy such as has happened in Cali, NYC, heck even take the Chigaoland folks with you... but when you go you're on your own. No handouts from the makers for the takers. Fish or cut bait. Be useful or starve. That's the Progressive way!

President Obama's sequester -- he designed it, he demanded it, and it is about to kick in -- will have many consequences, some bad, some very helpful.

On the negative side, Stars & Stripes reports that Department of Defense officials are exploring how to collapse the school week to four days at some schools on military bases that serve the children of our troops. This is an incredible admission of the president's indifference to the troops he leads. As he has played politics for the past four months since his re-election, he has used the military and its personnel and families...