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Whenever I hear that a large percentage of Americans believe something I find absurdly unlikely, I remember this: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/06/28/one-third-americans-believe-in-ufos-survey-says/
Why do you think they will enforce a law that says they will enforce other laws, when they didn't enforce the other laws to begin with?
That's what I keep saying. Parents are generally willing to do anything to give their children a better life. Some people commit suicide in order that their families can collect the life insurance. I also can see some problems if their children get college scholarships. If your child loses out on education money because the child of an illegal alien was smarter, are you going to say the other kid deserved it? This will build hard feelings against these children, so they will suffer anyway.
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Here Comes the "Path to Citizenship"

rimfrel Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 3:44 PM
Subsequent Congresses will simply loosen up any restrictions, or the sitting President will have his DOJ not enforce the requirements. Illegals have de facto amnesty now, especially in sanctuary cities. And they don't want to assimilate to American culture. Many of them think they are taking back land that belongs to Mexico. Our nation is being conquered by a weaponless army of illegals. I don't mind losing a war, but we aren't even fighting.
"White, Latino, and Asian kids are constantly exposed to examples of young entrepreneurs creating new businesses (esp. tech) and making millions." So are the black kids asleep and missing the same stories? Or is someone filling their head with ethnic identity as the key to success, so they think being black is an obstacle? There are no women in the top 3 list you give, and while you decry Oprah being only the 500th or so richest person, this woman is a black woman. Should I then think that being white is an obstacle to a woman's success? These alleged cases of causality are fallacious, and if blacks can only imitate other blacks, then they have bigger problems than lack of financial success. How about telling them that race is not an issue?
Before the ACA was passed, I heard there were 30 million people who were uninsured. Recently I read that Obamacare was not going to cover about...30 million people. Probably a different 30 million, but still. I know the point was never to cover anyone, just to make them think they would be while their privacy and other rights were eroded. Yet somehow, I am still disappointed.
"National programs" are just ways to redistribute tax revenue to government employees. How about local neighborhood outreach? by the way, what are you doing personally to help these mentally ill people you feel such compassion for? Lead by example.
How about we put politicians on trial for what they actually control, like Harry Reid and his omission of even bringing a budget up for a vote? He should have been removed from Majority Leader position, at the least, and not allowed to be seated in the Congress (if it's true that Congress can refuse to seat an elected individual). Or Obama for his unilateral end-runs around Congress via executive orders? Or Obama and Holder for not enforcing the laws? Or....
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20 Bizarre Quirks of American Politics

rimfrel Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 11:58 AM
Per #17, I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States in 2016. I have never accomplished anything of note (other than generally having worked for a living since college) and never been in a legislature to vote on any bills. I have voted in every election, however, as a conservative. May I count on your support? Thank you.
I went to the JHU website to find this mythical right to protect students from "uncomfortable" things. This is not documented. There is a "civility statement", but it sounds to me like the SGA has violated it. I say bring on the white supremacists and have a free exchange of ideas, debate them to a whopping defeat so that they can see their ideas are stupid. Otherwise, the students will never understand WHY some ideas (like being pro-Palestinian) are flawed.
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