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Where Justices Fail, Voters Can Step In

Righty3 Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 7:30 AM
Sorry, Mr. Burrus, but your thinking is flawed here. The Roberts decision is an utter disaster for the Country and a dangerous precedent for the future. Yes, Obamacare can be repealed by the People, but how do we undo the dramatic expansion of federal power his ruling creates? The Roberts ruling tears an immense hole in the Constitution that future political leaders will no doubt find an irresistible tool to deprive us of more and more of our liberty. There is no good in that, and to suggest that something was "given" to both sides is simply ignorant.

Today, when the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate as an exercise of the taxing power, Chief Justice Roberts’s political acumen and self-proclaimed “judicial minimalism” was on full display. During his confirmation hearing, Roberts famously described his view of justices as “umpires” who should “call balls and strikes.” Today, however, Roberts missed a wild pitch.

The Chief Justice thought he was giving something to both sides. By fully endorsing the argument that Congress cannot compel commerce in order to regulate it, and even bringing up the fabled possibility of a “broccoli mandate,” defenders of strict limits on the Commerce...