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Obama's Real Cost: $19 Trillion in Missing GDP

Righty3 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 9:13 AM
...and that $9T in productivity would generate about $2-3T in new taxes - you'd think the tax-and-spend crowd would be the first in line supporting this sort of economic growth. There *is* a third way to look at's not that we tax too little or necessarily spend too much (though we certainly do!), it's that the economy needs to be twice as large to support the level of spending the liberals advocate. They should be the group most concerned about productivity and growth, since bigger economy = higher tax receipts = more lib spending programs.

There's a super storm raging over our economy that's been seeded and fueled by the federal government over a period of the past several decades. And it's literally costing the country trillions of dollars in GDP per year.
It’s not merely garden-variety government waste that's the problem either. It's monumental stupidity by the government, combined with venial cupidity by voters who think they can get others to pay for their free lunch.

This government-created storm has, more than any other factor, contributed to the fiscal crisis; a crisis that is creating more expansive government programs, robbing us of more GDP, thus ensuring...

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