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It's the Curriculum, Stupid

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 6:56 PM
Curriculum MUST be left to the states. A national curriculum would give educrats license to foist their communist beliefs on all the children of America, rather than those in isolated areas.
Evie, there is NOTHING racist about the no-child-left-behind tests. Mathematics, writing English correctly, and science know no racial boundaries. There is some bias in the social studies test, but it's toward the liberal agenda. If anything, this should give racial minorities an advantage.
Amen! I'm a great teacher, but I can't teach an empty desk ANYTHING!
Singapore and Korea make no effort to educate everyone. The US tests ALL children (did you know No Child Left Behind requires that all high school students be tested in ENGLISH?). Singapore and Korea shunt the non-learners (for whatever reason) into a different track; these kids aren't included in the stellar test scores we hear about from those countries.
What happened to HONOR? If I sign a mortgage, I make a pledge to repay it in full. If I renege on this pledge, I can have no self-respect. (Full disclosure) In 1985, I wrote a LARGE check to sell my home, which was worth less than the mortgage. If I can do it, why can't others???? Why should I subsidize their bad decisions?
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Too Much College

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 6:16 PM
OK. I was short and skinny, and no good at basketball. Some kids are born with a physique which made them superior players, and they put in no more time and effort than I. The same is true of my AP Calculus students (I'm a former engineer who chooses to teach college-level math to high school kids). Some kids are born mathematicians and take to vector calculus like ducks to water. Others - despite quality instruction (I know who their algebra teachers were!) - cannot seem to master algebra. Any kid who thinks sqrt(a^2+b^2)=a+b will fail my calculus class, and there's not much he or I can do about it.
The British have always done this. They killed a friend of mine. Raye had metastatic melanoma (it was in her lymphatic system). My (US) doctor tells me that chemotherapy and beta-interferon are standard treatment for metastatic melanoma. The British doctors removed the mole and cancerous lymph node, telling Raye she required no further treatment. She died less than a year later when the cancer metastasized to her brain. 1/3 of all heart attack patients in Britain never see a cardiologist. I literally had to fight the doctor to get a strep screen for my son (we lived in GB for 5 years). Imagine if your HMO controlled doctor training and could teach doctors that everything was unnecessary. THAT's healthcare in the UK.
Please don't think I'm defending Obama - but here's some information for your troop: such letters must be REQUESTED. The Bush White House had a request form on their web site; I know because we requested and received one from George W. Bush for our son. Presumably the next POTUS will also have such a request form. Governor Rick Perry of Texas and both Texas senators also have forms to request Eagle recognition letters available at their web sites. My hubby is scoutmaster of a large troop; they make it their business to request letters for the boys. Perhaps the parent doing this job in your troop "retired"? Hope this helps future Eagles in your Troop. Yours in Scouting, Eagle Mom
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