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Obama's Big Lie

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 7:58 AM
Current estimates of the number of Americans losing quality, inexpensive insurance plans are WAY too low. Most count only the number of individual plans cancelled. There are many cheap group plans being cancelled, and some cover enormous numbers of citizens. The most popular (i.e. cheapest) insurance option for Texas teachers was cancelled because it didn't meet the requirements of Obamacare. Insurance for a family of 4 is up over $300, a princely sum to a Texas teacher.
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Stop Foolish Ethanol Mandates

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Aug 24, 2013 3:22 PM
Did you sleep through high school economics? Every acre planted in corn for ethanol is not available for other crops. Reduce the supply of those crops, and their price increases. Duh!
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What is Islam?

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 10:22 AM
Jeff (and defenders of modern Islam) are missing a critical point. Just as the New Testament outweighs the Old for Christians, the portions of the Koran written at Mecca outweigh earlier texts written at Medina. The "no compulsion" quote is from the Medina writings. The violent parts were written at Mecca by a Mohammed who was frustrated that the world didn't flock to the banner of his new religion. The only "fix" for this is the one the Christians had: a new prophet preaching tolerance. Until this happens, the only true Islam is the violent one.
The ability of charter schools to select their students and require parental involvement guarantees a superior outcome. Until public schools are allowed to exclude students who refuse to try or whose behavior prevents others from learning, the public school performance will always be lower. As a nation, we must decide whether we want to continue providing education to those who reject it.
Well, of course! If we're going to be like Europe, we can't have a viable middle class!!!
Those in doubt should make friends with Americans who've been expats in Britain. I lived there 5 years. During that time: - 7 died of malaria in a London hospital. Huh? No mosquitoes to speak of in London. NHS was reusing saline bottles because saving a few pence was more important than people's LIVES. - My doctor refused to perform a strep screen on my son, who I KNEW had strep throat (we'd been down that road before). His reason? "Well, by the time the test comes back 2 weeks from now, he'll be over it." Any idiot knows untreated strep can progress into heart damage. After days of going around with him, demanding that he tell me the possible effects of untreated strep, he finally relented and ordered the test. Yup, my boy had strep throat. - My American neighbor, who'd had a heart attack 18 months previously in the US, went to his British doctor complaining of chest pain. The guy listened to his chest with a stethoscope and told him he was fine. (No EKG, nothing). He took the next plane back to New York for proper treatment. - The younger sibling of a child at my kids' international school broke her upper arm, which the UK doctors surgically set. A few weeks later, it was infected, so they surgically removed the infection, THEN placed her on antibiotics. The infection recurred twice more. When the mother took the child back to the US for proper treatment, she was told the inexpensive antibiotic the child was taking would only mask a bone infection, not cure it. After 6 weeks on IV antibiotics in the US, her child recovered. However, her arm will always be shorter. - A woman in my Bible study had a small malignant melanoma on her lower leg, with lymphatic involvement in the groin area. NHS doctors removed the mole and lymph node and told her she needed no further treatment. They DIDN'T tell her this was because she was over 50 years old. (Standard treatment in the US is chemotherapy and beta-interferon.) I begged her to come to the US for a second opinion, but she refused. The cancer of course metastasized to her brain and killed her. Readers should notice the pattern of short-term savings causing illness, poor outcome, and death.
We've already seen florists and bakers prosecuted for discrimination when they exercise their religious freedom by refusing to participate in gay marriage. Given that the current administration is punishing Hobby Lobby (and others!) for their opposition to abortion, it's not much of a stretch to imagine gay extremists using the courts to punish those who disagree.
Yeah. The thought occurred to me that our family could avoid inheritance taxes if the surviving spouse were to "marry" one of our children.
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A Label for the Jews, Again

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jun 21, 2013 9:59 AM
RW6, your swastika tatoo is showing.
The author has vastly underestimated the number of claims which would occur if a lawsuit were not necessary. Many families (mine included) elect not to sue after a hospital-caused death because they just can't cope with the nightmare. But if cash were offered, we surely would have accepted.
I hold a BS in engineering and teach high school math for fun (and love of the subject) in a right-to-work state. My previous salary was more than double my teaching salary. My state requires high school teachers to major in the subject they'll teach and minor in education. This has resulted in a terrible shortage of math and science teachers - why work so hard for the degree and then take a low-paying teaching job? (Not everyone has a well-paid husband like mine!) By lobbying against teachers being paid more for teaching some subjects, unions do (some) of their members - and all students - a terrible disservice.
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