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Obama's Deficient Student Loan Plan

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 10:43 PM
You graduated with an MPA and: 1) Still can't spell deferral. 2) Expected the loan to be interest-free while unemployed. I think you wasted your money.
The solution is to end the ability of immigrants to bring their families in. Force all entrants to show they will be of benefit to this great nation. Parents who send unaccompanied children to a foreign nation are unfit, and their children should not be able to bring them into the country. Place these children all with foster families or build orphanages for them. When their families realize that sending their children unaccompanied means they'll not only be denied a free ticket to the US but will LOSE their children, the flood will slow to a trickle.
Lenders should refuse to make tuition loans to students who select majors which don't give them a reasonable chance of repaying said loans.
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Stemming the Tide of "Progress"

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 9:24 AM
Anyone paying attention when the expression of faith in public schools was ended could have predicted this outcome.
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“White Privilege” Exposed

Right Wing Mom Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 1:46 PM
For years, I've watched my white students being denied admission to top-tier universities (Ivy league, Stanford, etc) while black and hispanic kids with lower class rank and standardized test scores get in. Did you know that the College Board has special categories for Black and HIspanic National Merit Scholars? Did you know the score requirements for these are lower? "White advantage" is by now a decades-old myth.
You'd be right about the 100 coins if they held still and didn't circulate. Have you ever been given a job by a poor man? I haven't. When that rich guy you envy hires a maid, gets his car washed or maintained, contracts for home improvements, or takes a vacation, he's putting those coins in circulation for the benefit of others. Your assertion that the rich are " clever enough to cheat the poor out of their equal share of the economic pie" is patently false. Most wealthy businessmen got that way by offering a product that people WANT to buy. They part with their hard-earned money to purchase it because they believe the product will make their life better. These purchases are voluntary, which is why capitalism is the most moral economic system.
In 1980, Dolph Briscoe (41st governor of Texas) said at the Texas A & M commencement, "Nobody gives a da*n about the class of 1980." True then, true now.
You're spinning yarns. A durable power of attorney combined with a health care power of attorney would prevent your death bed scenario. Hospitals don't dare mess with these documents. Same goes for the body: power of attorney would prevent the issue. You can call your relationship a marriage if you want, but you can't force me to call it one. Calling my minivan a Ferrari doesn't make it run any better, either.
The sales tax deduction on federal income tax is one break which should REMAIN.!!! As long as those who live in states which assess a state income tax are allowed to deduct their state taxes on their federal return, we who live in states without an income tax should be allowed to deduct OUR state taxes. Removal of the state sales tax deduction should be accompanied by removal of the state income tax deduction. Period.
Today's vote on the debt limit answers the question: nothing. The GOP long ago abandoned any principles to consolidate their power.
This thinking scares me! School vouchers will come with strings attached. The acceptance of government money will force private schools to obey government rules, and private schools would soon be no better than public.
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