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Expect immediate action from Holder..........(crickets)
maybe she can find some political traction in New York or Mass. She's done in the Lone Star state.
To liberals, say anything to get elected and stay in office- ends justify the means; the "Gruber factor" applies.
Consider that the current and future unrest stoked by the race hustlers and the Community Agitator in Chief- B.O. might lead to a suspension of the 2016 election, and martial law, along with an executive order suspending all gun sales/ gun rights "until order is restored." Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I see the writing on the wall. Lock and Load folks!
EF Bush.... Cruz and Palin in 2016!
Was I the only one that noticed the hypocracy of lawless king barry, lecturing everyone on lawless behavior and not to act that way after the grand jury decision. Absolute height of an arrogant, race-baiting, law-breaking community agitator.
One question Mr. Mayor, How's all that strict gun laws working against the CRIMINAL ELEMENT IN CHICAGO? Answer- ITS NOT! It only leaves the law-abiding citizen without any way to defend or protect themselves. Get a clue you doofus.
Honestly, I think the criminal element are the ones that support the "gun free zone" mentality the most, because they profit most from their popularity. Think about it, they don't want any resistance to their activity.
When did the topic of gun-free zones turn to cr*p no one cares about?!
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