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Someone called the Palestinian leader a Hypocrite for marching in Paris. I think hypocracy gets a bad rap.
I think the idiot alert referred to the relevance, not the veracity.
The issues are not with Common Core. They are with the materials being developed to implement the Common Core. Given the state of the education system and textbook writers and publishers, these same problems would be present in any standards system. Even the math issue is overstated. The idea is that the process is more important than the final answer. 2 + 2 cannot equal 7 because there is no valid process that would support it. The AP Calculus test is grades this way. The steps to a final answer may be given six out of seven points with only one point being given for the correct answer (meaning that one could still get 6/7 for a wrong answer). But if the steps are correct, an incorrect final answer would indicate carelessness, not ignorance. In practice, you can't get 7 without an error in your process. But the idea that the process is more important than the answer is sound.
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Does It Feel Good -- or Do Good?

RightTeacher1 Wrote: Oct 22, 2013 9:02 AM
Financing Obamacare (and much of the left's agenda) is exactly analogous to providing for an adult child who should be taking care of himself because it feels good to do so. What is needed (in both cases) is discipline.
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