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SCOTUS -- Scalia, Thomas & Alito ROCK -- we'll just have to see what the others do. In the meantime, Go Mitt!! I'm counting on Mitt the turnaround expert to start slowing and redirecting this freight-train to descruction led by the Dems.
Beatingthelibsback - GET A JOB! Dominos is hiring.
Yeah... Republican attorneys general do not KILL people like in Waco or F&F. I am a Republican, so I believe in LIFE, except for people on death row who you liberals want to save. Libs want death to innocents and life for the scum-of-the-earth
Obviously you don't need one. Does O take care of all your basic needs?
Yes, they both have blood on their hands. Bring back John Ashcroft!!!
Bring back John Ashcroft, an awesome Christian Attorney General.
Thanks Katie, for you work on this issue!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting that Obama did some pandering for Latino votes last week, right before this week's story about the contempt charge/employment of executive privelidge over a scandal of this administration causing hundreds of Mexican deaths.... People should realize the our narcissist-in-chief just cares about himself.... the best way to understand him is as a FAKE.
The biggest difference between them is that Obama is a huge narcisist and has no class, while W. is a humble man and has a lot of class.
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