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Delusions of the Anti-War Crowd

Right Makes Might Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:00 AM
“The sophisticated mind doesn't waste time battling the historically inevitable, but rather accepts it and contemplates the more important question: ‘Which side of this particular conflict best represents my values and the kind of world I would like to see?’" If the reader takes nothing else from this column, he/she should print out the above quote and post it prominently, like on the bathroom mirror, because it is a fundamental truth that animates any nation’s foreign policy. Including this regime. Unfortunately, the kind of world they want to see is completely at odds with everything that has made America great.

PARIS -- The anti-war types are unhappy with France's foray into Mali to help that country's troops eradicate balkanizing terrorism at the request of the Malian government. If even the French aren't "allowed" to go to war -- and under a Socialist president, no less -- then who can?

It would indeed be nice if there were no wars anywhere on Earth. It would also be great to own five BMWs and three private islands. Both are equally unlikely scenarios, yet only the first is accepted as plausible by the perpetually deluded.

Usually the anti-war crowd will say that "imperialist ambitions"...