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Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns

rightguard Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 5:47 AM
Your premise is not even close, Mr Boortz. We're dealing with the same sociopathic homosexuals and bisexuals that led the Third Reich right down to their manner of gun control. Did you ever wonder why it is only borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals, the most violent among us, that wish to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and the death penalty? Since Sandy Hook, do Obama's 23 executive orders address the psychopathology of the homosexual bisexual community that manifests borderline personality disorder? Let's stop pretending what transpired over fifty years ago with the revision of the ALIMPC in 1955 meant to indoctrinate the population into accepting the sociopathic behavior of homosexuals and bisexuals based on the fraudulent and
Robert1824 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 1:00 PM
Hey Rightguard - people loike you who are always mouthing off against homosexualitry and gay people are probably repressed and closeted homosexuals themselves. What color is your boyfriend's purse ?
I'm secure in my heterosexuality, so I don't have to mouth off against gay people all the time.

You’re snug in your cabin in the mountains outside of Big Bear, California. Snug, but fearful. They’re searching for a killer near you. A terrifying, heavily armed former cop from Los Angeles who has gone on a killing rampage.

Suddenly you hear gunshots. You part the curtains to look outside ... and there’s the man whose picture you’ve seen countless times on TV over the past few days running toward your house as he returns fire to police officers in pursuit.

Just a few weeks ago you had been considering buying an AR-15 just in case it might be needed to...