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Is There Room in the G.O.P. Tent for the Poor?

right_wing Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 7:18 AM
The goal of government should be to create an environment in which as many people as possible are able to provide for themselves. Conservatives need to tout that, and promise an effective, efficient government.
Seawolf Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 8:01 AM
Of course, that was the goal of the framers, but to dems that presupposes that their base is capable of that and would destroy 50 years of the welfare state proving that it was nothing but a trillion dollar a year vote buying scam. Welfare needs to be pointed out as the extortion that it is...stop burning down cities and we will pay you for that...forever or until we are all broke and you can start again..that we are almost broke may very well be why the gov't is buying up all the ammo in town and wants to take guns.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks recently suggested that the G.O.P. is way off base in their assumptions about the moral arguments that resonate most with the American people. Their focus on the economic advantages of capitalism and "values-voter" issues like abortion and gay marriage miss the mark, Brooks suggests. Instead, Republicans must convince the electorate that they are just as concerned about the plight of the poor and downtrodden as Progressives, and further that Republican policies are more effective at addressing these problems than those implemented by the Liberal nanny state....